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Which Men's Underwear Color Is Right For You?

Which Underwear Color Is Right For You?

Did you know that the colors of your clothes express your mood and how you’re feeling? Dressing up in colors shows off vibrance and expression and symbolize a specific mood that person is observing or wanting to observe. 

Let’s take a moment to check in with ourselves. How are we feeling? This isn’t a psychology thread but it’s nice to be able to check in with yourself. We’re still in an ongoing pandemic and we’re not sure where the finish line is just yet. In today’s climate, it’s more important than ever to be aware of what is going on in your mind and what is consuming it.

The Psychology Behind Color

Colors have always been a form of self-expression. Clothing elevates that form in a tangible wearable item .Have you ever wondered why certain colors work for certain weather seasons? Why is mustard and maroon so in fashion in the Fall? But bright yellow and hot red are perfect for the summer? It all has to do with the expression of that color. 

Fall symbolizes season changing and the weather getting colder. Mustard and maroon are still vibrant colors but are aesthetically pleasing with the fall season, as the leaves change to a more dull/darker color and as the weather gets colder. Similar to the summer, bright yellow and red symbolize the hot sunny weather and the brightness of the season.

Clothing and color can also be used as a therapeutic practice to generate positive emotions and boost your mood. Have you ever looked at a picture with many bright colors and said, “wow this makes me feel good inside?” 

What Colors Say About What You’re Wearing?

It’s simple! Wear whatever color makes you happy. Use color therapy to channel your success and what universal colors will bring to you on that day. Here is a list of universal colors and what they mean:


  • Blue -Trustworthy, Loyal, Wise

  • Red - Confident, Bold, Sexy

  • Purple - Sophisticated, Luxury, Creative

  • Orange - Energetic, Positive, Successful

  • Yellow - Inspirational, Bright, Intelligent

  • Green - Nature, Energy, Renewal

  • Grey - Neutral, Conservative, Zen

  • Black - Strength, Power, Seriousness

  • White - Pureness, Innocence, Goodness

What Color Should I Wear?

In the topic above, we discussed universal colors and what they’re relationship is to mood and feeling. Let’s exercise that in real life examples:

  • “It’s raining outside and has been extremely cloudy. What color underwear should I wear?” Switch it up! If it’s gloomy outside, express yourself in the opposite way. Wear bright colors like Yellow or Red.

  • “I’m going on a first date, what color should I wear?” Express yourself! You want to feel strong, serious and bold. Wear red or black to bring out your seriousness and confidence.

  • “I have an interview for a new job, what color matches my mood?” Show off your confidence. Bring out the colors that best match your mood and bring out your sophistication. We recommend Blue, Yellow or Purple.

  • “I’m going to the gym but want to feel confident in what I’m wearing. What color works for me?” You said it! Confidence is key, especially in a setting where you may feel uncomfortable. We recommend bright and energetic colors like Orange, Yellow and Green. 

  • “What underwear colors should I wear to work?” Vibe Check! The traditional workplace attire is no longer a thing and companies want you to express yourself. We recommend orange, red or blue to show off that you’re wise, experienced and fun.