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Underwear vs Sleepwear: The Ultimate Comfort Guide to Men's Underwear

So you’re working from home. The pandemic is still in full swing. The weather is getting cold outside and you’re trying to decide, should I put on sweatpants or just hang out in my underwear?

So what’s the difference? Truly it depends on the person. Some prefer pajamas, some prefer loungewear, some prefer athleisure and some prefer nothing either. 

So here’s the thing. Pajamas are so two thousand and late (Hit it, Fergie). Consider this -- would you rather make a Dirty Martini in your old-school pajamas OR would you rather make it in more presentable loungewear. Hence, undies and a long sleeve tee.


Now I’m not saying pajamas are not acceptable. I’m just letting you know that you have wardrobe fashion options for the evening lounge time. Have you ever worn a large sweater with underwear? It’s probably the most liberating feeling ever. Especially when you have an UberEats order on the way and you know the oversized sweater will do you justice.

Also, what if a friend reaches out to you and says, “hey, let’s grab a drink?”. Do you really want to have to strip down and change entirely? Or do you already have a decent shirt or sweater on with undies ready to go and now all you have to do is put on some form of pants?

If you’re wearing loungewear, you can stroll through the night without a second thought. You feel in power. You feel luxurious. You won’t feel underdressed if your friends hit you up for the local pub, and you won’t feel overdressed if you decide to Netflix and Chill.

Hear me out. Pajamas still have a time and place (maybe decades ago, but still have a corner to shine on). Those days are changing though. As men revolutionize the fashion industry and become more comfortable with their body, the more opportunities there are to self-care.

Come see our men’s underwear collection and see for yourself. We have an option for everyone.