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The Perfect Pair of Underwear For Any Occasion

The Right Pair of Underwear For Any Occasion

You start your day with the most critical decision of the day. Picking your underwear. Did you know that underwear is the most worn clothing item? If you don’t put the same thought into your undies than any other clothing piece, you’re not doing yourself justice.

If we’ve grabbed your attention by now and you’re contemplating your underwear decision from this morning, you’re in the right place. As you may know, the underwear industry for men has exploded in the last few decades. We have so many new styles, variations, designs and fabrics to support our boys when they need it the most.

With all the many different styles and variations, one may ask, is there such a thing as the right pair of underwear for any occasion? The answer is simply yes. Everyone has that ‘right’ pair of underwear. It’s different for everyone depending on a lot of variables.

Boxer Briefs

If you’re a big gym-goer, you bend and snap at work, lift a lot of heavy things and need a pair of undies to keep up with the sweat . . . look no further than the boxer briefs. These form-fitting, odor-resisting and sweat-wicking bad boys keep you cool from the start of your morning to the last minute of your evening workout. Especially when your underwear has a vibrant design (1), it makes the workout a lot easier.



Boxer Trunks

Are you working a 9-5 and need something comfortable that doesn’t ride up? The boxer trunks are in your wheelhouse. The trunks have less material than the boxer briefs and have lighter material that makes it more breathable. Plus, especially when you can find vibrant pairs that can add that playful element to your day is the cherry on top. Our originals four pack (2) gets you that vibrant option in the boxer trunk style. It is that fine line between briefs and boxer briefs and adds a new style for men to choose from when making underwear decisions. 


Nothing ruins slim chinos or your favorite pair of skinny jeans like a visible underwear line showing through. Visible underwear line is a real issue and is a hazard for men and women. For men, we recommend form-fitting briefs to get that perfectly invisible line under skinny jeans or tight slacks. Our Men’s Comfortable Premium Black Underwear (3) is perfect for that date night when you’re feeling confident and bold or when you’re going out with the boys and need something to form-fit your goods.