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Which Men's Underwear Style Is Best For You?


Boxers, briefs, trunks or tighty-whiteys? Men’s Underwear has an incredible history that goes beyond the practical and compact use of the protection, cleanliness and modesty. The men’s underwear industry started thriving in the early 1900s where men found ways to express themselves privately or in a personal manner. The purchase of men’s underwear is oftentimes ‘discretionary’ but it is quite interesting as men’s underwear plays a massive impact on the United States economy. Learn more by taking our Men’s Underwear Quiz.


Men’s underwear has evolved from generation to generation . . . from different men’s underwear styles, designs and patterns to the ability to the changing notions of men’s masculinity. The primary function of men’s underwear is to prevent impact, to provide cleanliness and protection. Did you know in the 14th century, the codpiece was essentially a jocks protection cup used to provide modesty for men trying to cover up their junks? If you look up a codpiece, it’s very similar to the modern jockstrap or men’s briefs. Our Men’s Underwear Quiz helps you better understand on all the styles.

When the sewing machine came about in the 19th century, the men’s underwear industry completely changed for the best. It seems that centuries and decades later, the men’s underwear lost inches and inches off the leg and led to undergarments that provide the flexibility your package needs and the versatility for the way you move. In the 1930s, new fabrics were being used from silk to premium cotton, from polyester to micro modal to bamboo . . . which promoted a new way to show off your masculinity through different fabrics that expressed your style. In modern day, we find variations and styles that have been seen as innovative to the traditional times.


These three styles of men’s underwear; briefs, boxer briefs and boxer trunks are still very new to the men’s underwear index industry. It wasn’t until the late 1980s and early 1990s where pop culture picked up on the trend to show off the waistband of your reputable underwear brand and became part of culture and what celebrities were sporting off. When the boxer briefs came out in the early 1990s, it was an updated version of the “Victorian Knit” underwear that provided a variety of colors and materials and provided a safe space for self expression.

Consider the boxer briefs an extra inch to the boxer trunks . . . providing the safe space for male self expression but provided a shape-reducing option that showed thinness on your thighs and behinds (buttox). Not to mention, getting rid of that annoying underwear wedgie.


We made it easier than ever. Test your knowledge on men’s underwear styles, functions and take a brief history of how men’s underwear revolutionized the men’s fashion industry. Whether you’re into briefs, boxer briefs or trunks, it’s always a good option to think about the history and the impact each style has on our daily lives.

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