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How Do I Prevent Jock Itch When Working Out and Running?

Jock itch is a combination of moisture collection, rubbing of skin and a potential bacterial infection from the failure of personal hygiene maintenance in particular areas. Wearing the right pairs of underwear is extremely important. Here are some best practices to prevent jock's itch:

  • Avoid Tight Underwear - Guys, super tight underwear makes no sense. Give your boys room to breath and to avoid wearing underwear that rubs your crotch.

  • Wear Sweat-Wicking Underwear - Choosing underwear with premium material is key to making sure you prevent jock’s itch. Certain fabrics and technology help wick away the moisture so it doesn’t settle into your skin. Earlier last year, we launched our ultra fit to do exactly that. Our fits vary depending on the type of activity you’re conquering each day, but rest assured, we have your back. 

  • Wear Underwear With The Right Fabric - Wearing underwear with certain fabrics can help rubbing of skin. Go for fabrics that are comfortable on your skin. Oftentimes, cotton can be heavy on the skin. We recommend fabrics like micro modal and premium polyester that feel silky and smooth and compliment your skin and avoid rubbing. 

  • Wash Your Underwear Frequently - This is probably the golden rule. Wash your dang underwear after EVERY wear. People ask us, how often should I wash my underwear? Check out our guide of frequently asked questions which can further help you on your undie journey!