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Top Three Reasons Why Men Should Switch to Boxer Trunks

It’s no surprise that the boxer trunks are considered the middle child in the family. They’re that fine line between your traditional briefs and your long inseam boxer briefs.They’re that middleground where it provides you just enough inseam to keep you moving. Briefs are considered old school and boxer briefs are still considered new. It was only a few decades ago since the boxer briefs made their international debut. 

As we know, fashion changes over time. It’s no surprise that boxer trunks are becoming more of a staple for men’s underwear and more recent in fashion advancement. The boxer trunks were designed to be directly in the middle of boxer briefs and briefs. Imagine a fight between big brother and little brother, you’re there in the middle to solve it all. That’s just like the Boxer Trunks revolution. More and more men are making the daily switch to boxer trunks and here’s why.

The Length

This is huge. The biggest complaint we get on our boxer briefs is that they are just too long and there is no reason for them to be as long as “my 5” Lululemon shorts.” We get it. We wear those short-shorts, too. We want something that also hides the undies and is great for any activity. Especially if you’re able to get men’s underwear boxer trunks with micro modal material like our Men’s Underwear Premium Comfort Solid Black (1). If you like to wear short-shorts, the boxer trunks are for you. The lower leg can peek out in boxer briefs and that’s not a good look to anyone. Boxer Trunks stay discrete but offer you the maximum coverage you need to protect your thighs while wearing your favorite pairs.

Underwear Comfortable For Work

These pairs are the best for the office or working from home. If your job requires a lot of sitting, trunk-style underwear gives you the freedom to let your guys breathe easily. Uncomfortable chafing is not fun for any one and as the day goes on, it only gets worse. The boxer trunks have less fabric on the thighs and allows for maximum comfort for your legs. You stay focused on what you do best in your 9-5 and we’ll focus on your comfort level below the belt. The best part? You never have to make adjustments.

Underwear For Working Out

They’re great for stretching! Seriously. If you’re a Yogi or are big fans of mountain climbers and lunges, these pairs for you. Our Men’s Durable Underwear Premium Solid Black (2) is perfect for any workout! Wearing Boxer Trunks to the gym will simplify your flexibility training so you can enjoy more stretching without feeling tight. Boxer Briefs are traditionally seen as the go-to’s for high intensity workouts, and while that is still true, boxer briefs start to ride up especially during intense cardio. Boxer Trunks do not ride up due to the low inseam. Trunks still offer plenty of coverage and support for the guys below and minimize chafing and bouncing that can make working out unbearable.