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Top Men’s Underwear Questions You’re Scared to Ask

If you’re currently wearing the same style of underwear as you did in high school, stop what you’re doing right now and read this article. Let’s face it guys, we don’t talk about our underwear enough.


Well it’s not Sports. It’s not Television either. It’s not exactly the hot topic of conversation at the dinner table.

Most guys might have questions about switching styles or designs, but don’t know the right outlet to get answers on. We’re here to help!

So let’s start with the basics.

Question #1 - What’s The Best Men’s Underwear Style?

The most common men’s underwear styles are briefs, boxer trunks and boxer briefs. Each style is unique of it’s own. Boxer Briefs are a combination of briefs and boxers that offer the best of both worlds. Boxer trunks is that middle ground where briefs meet boxer briefs. It gives you just the right amount of inseam for your legs and thighs. Finally, the briefs are your traditional undergarments that date back to when underwear was first introduced to humans!

Question #2 - How Do You Wash Underwear?

Ok, so another topic that us gentlemen do NOT thrive on. That’s alright. This is a safe space for men to talk about underwear (and laundry). So here’s our recommendation:

  1. Machine wash with warm water (with similar colors).

  2. Tumble dry with low heat on delicate cycle (PRO TIP: We highly recommend air drying for longevity and color maintenance).

  3. Do not dry clean or use bleach.

Fun Fact: Did you know that underwear is the most worn item of clothing?

Question #3 - How Often Should I Wash My Underwear?

Well, uhhh... We highly recommend changing out undies on the daily and washing it when it’s dirty. After a heavy session of perspiring activity, it’s safe to say WASH them!

Question #4 - How Many Pairs of Underwear Should I Own?

It depends. Just like which underwear style suits you, the amount of pairs depends on a lot of variables. We recommend having about 3-4 weeks supply of men’s underwear. Around 20-25 pairs of underwear to seamlessly get through until the next laundry day. We offer a variety of multi-packs ranging from two pairs up to 8 pairs to purchase in a bundle. We highly recommend our Men’s Premium 8 Packs to keep you with a pair for each day of the week and one backup in case the weekend hangover gets you. (PRO TIP: Purchasing more than one bundle solves that problem)

Question #5 - When Should I Throw Away My Underwear?

If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. Seriously. Don’t hold on to old underwear. As a general rule, men should replace their underwear at least once a year. No one likes faded and saggy undies, especially in those situations where you need them the most. 

Question #6 - What Size Underwear Should I Get Him?

Underwear sizes range and vary. We provide a fit guide to help you choose the men’s underwear that best suits you. Click here to learn more.

Bonus Question - Why Do Men Go Commando?

We’re not sure. But it’s definitely weird. It’s definitely a choice. Underwear protects your buddies down there and prevents stains on your pants or shorts. Wearing underwear prevents your fellas from rubbing on heavier fabric or the metal parts of the zipper. Ouch!

Do you feel like an Underwear Expert yet? We hope this guide helps you make better decisions when it comes to purchasing clothing for your best assets. 

So the next time you’re wanting to purchase men’s underwear, stop going to your department store or WalMart.

Start supporting small businesses and premium brands to see the difference for yourself.